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Devji Foods

Address :
"ASHUTOSH" 4th Floor,6Jagnath Plot, Gymkhana Main Rd., Rajkot - 360 001. GUJARAT - INDIA
Min. Order :
  Rs.  960.00
Description :
(1) Its 100% machine made product. (2) As compared to other products its low in calorie so its more acceptable among health conscious people (3) As compared to other company we dont use Mainda / Flour our product is made purely from wheat flour (4) 0% cholesterol and low saturated fat content makes its popular among our consumers. (5) Its zero sugar makes its desirous among diabetic patients (6) It has no added preservatives or flavours (7) Longer shelf life of 6 Months makes its easy to preserve for longer time. (8) Exporty Quality vacuum Packing. (9) We can also ship products out of India
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Most Helpful Reviews
  • 21 July 2013
    Minimum Order  -  NASIRKHAN PATHAN
    Product prices r very attractive/reasonable.Can u not reduce your minimum retailer will show interest for buying.
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