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Methi is a beneficial ingredient used in many indian dishes It works wonders in controlling blood sugar level, thus being a diabetic’s saviour. Methi also tends to increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers, thus recommended post pregnancy. Though so beneficial, people tend to ignore including methi in their diet due to its bitter taste. So, I thought of sharing this easy sweet recipe where the bitterness of methi is reduced to almost nil. This is the easiest & most delicious way of adding Methi/fenugreek to your diet. Just gnaw on one of these Methi Ladoos every morning to have your diabetes in control while also benefiting from the iron, vitamin B, Protein & Dietary fiber methi contains. Note: Though beneficial post pregnancy, this methi ladoo should not be induced by Pregnant women as methi induces labor. These Methi Ladoos are the best sweet you can ask for, as unlike other sweets, this would make you healthier.
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