Seb Ka Murabba - 1 KG

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Global Impex International - The Gandhi and Kirana Shop
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Organic Food Products
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The apple is one of the best fruits. It is a good source of phosphorus. It also contains calcium, iron, vitamins B & C. It is nourishing and easily digestible. It appeases bile and windiness. It strengthens intestines. Its pectin content relieves cough and helps in eliminating toxic elements from the body and blood. It is an excellent disinfectant for the stomach and intestines. It increases semen. It is very beneficial for nervous tension, skin diseases, gout and arthritis. Benefits:- 1. Nervous Weakness:- Eating one apple with its peel half an hour before meals removes nervous weakness. It is very good for students for increasing memory. 2. Typhoid:- Apple juice is very beneficial in typhoid. 3. Acidity:- It is very useful in decreasing the acidity in the stomach. 4. Worms:- Eating two apples at bedtime for one week kills germs. Do not drink water throughout the night after eating apples. 5. Appetiser:- Drink one glass of sour apple juice sweetened with sugar candy for few days for increasing appetite. 6. Heart Tonic:- Eating apple murabba for two weeks cures weakness of heart. It vitalizes the heart. 7. Fair Complexion:- Drinking milk after eating apple in the empty stomach gives fair complexion. It also removes sexual problems. It is a very good tonic. 8. Kidney Stone:- It stops further formation of kidney stones. It dissolves kidney stones thro urine. 9. Insomnia:- Eating apple or apple murabba cures insomnia. 10. Liver:- It is beneficial in liver diseases. It gives strength to liver. 11. Constipation:- Eating apple in the empty stomach cures constipation but eating apple after meals causes constipation. Eat apple with its peel. 12. Oily Skin:- Apply paste of apple pulp on face for oily skin. Wash the face with warm water for 15 minutes. 13. Dry Cough:- Sweet apples cure dry cough. 14. Jaundice:- It is a valuable remedy in jaundice and in cases in which the kidneys and the liver are diseased. 15. Cholesterol:- Apple reduces bad cholesterol due to its fiber content.
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