Ashapuri Dhoop - Loban Eses-ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE RESIN - 1 Kg

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Hindu Belief: Use for Pujas Purposes and other Religious Rituals. ---------------------Islamic Beliefs: Loban is a resin from a tree and is an excellent repellent of insects and mosquitoes. The Holy Prophet of Islam(Peace Be Upon Him) advised fumigation of houses with Loban.-----------------Other Benifits-- The long standing, bad and putrified wounds are healed with Loban speedily. The fumigation of Loban is a good insect repellent. It has qualities of an insecticide, is antiseptic and fights epidemics. The classics of Ayurveda do not possess the reference of Loban and history reveals that Europe was also introduced with Loban after 1399, when Ibne Batoota introduced it during his travel to Europe. It tones up the heart, stomach and increases libido. It is a good appetiser and is carminative. It relieves the cold and cough. It’s local application relieves the toothache. It is also stated by some physicians that it removes the bad smell of sweat and other excretions, relieves the inflammations of urinary tract and is useful in pulmonary tuberculosis. The drops prepared with Loban and sesame oil relieve the catarrh. Chemical synthesis of Loban reveals that Loban contains benzoic acid, cinnamic acid and aniline. Besides, a volatile oil is also found. Modern studies reveal that it is a good haemostatic, antiseptic and a good healing agent, hence, applied on wounds and internally subsides the inflammation of UTI and respiratory tract infections. In case where phosphates are found in abundance in the urine, the compound of Loban dissolves the phosphates and expels them out, besides it is a good diuretic and antiseptic for urinary tract. Locally it possesses potent antifungal effects. In modern time where the use of chemical insecticides and pesticides is causing damage to the environment and the human life, Loban, which is a good natural insecticide and insect repellent, can prove an eco-friendly substitute.
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