Guggal Dhoop - 1 Kg

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Where there are excessive energies of depression, lack of incentive to act, use the triple purification of guggul, loban and harmal: burn this on hot charcoal, spreading the smoke through the house or space to be cleansed. The guggul shrinks and removes negative energies; loban (frankincense) creates positive energies creating a seal locking out the inflow of negative; as the harmal seeds crackle on being heated, they act like grenades and explosives in the energy field driving away the negative astral energies in the environment. The effect of this this triple clean up purification lasts for about 12 hours. This is a traditional vedic purification that works very well in homes and places of work. The best fuel to use for these methods is actually dried cow-dung cakes with ghee on it, as it burns well and itself has great purificatory qualities when used this way to cleanse the energy environment.
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