Global-Amla - Aritha - Shikakai Powder - 1 Kg

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Other Organic Products
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yes, i've seen a few ppl who got nice results after using this amla,retha n shikakai. if u have alll of these in powdered form, then what u need to do is, put some of amla,reetha n shikakai in some boiler, fill it with water, n then boil this until the water is almost half of the actual amount. Then, there are like two ways 1. Either u can stain the water and throw the amla,reetha,shikakai and just simply wash ur hair with that water ( ur shampoo routine doesn't need to be affected by this i mean u can shampoo ur hair as u normally do) 2. U can use the whole mixture ; the water with amla,reetha,shikakai powder in it, and wash ur hair with the whole mixture. The problem in this way is that the powder stucks in the hair n when u comb/brush ur hair, the powders keeps on falling here n there, was a bit messay for me though. And now, IF u don't have amla,reetha,shikakai in powdered form, u have these 3 herbs in kind of their solid form, then not to worry well what one of my cousins used to do was, she took a piece of cloth ( any) and she put some of amla,reetha,shikakai in it, and then she tied the piece of cloth ( making a bag kindof a thing, getting my point?) after this, she did the same as i told u above, she put that bag ( with amla,reetha,shikakai) in a boiler,filled with water n boiled this for sometime, n then after cooling the water, she used to place THAT bag over her head, kept it dipping for a few times in THAT boiled water n placed THAT bag over her head for a few times ( ofcourse it has the essence of amla,reeth n shikakai now) and then after this, she simply washed her hair with that water ( u can pour that boiled water over ur hair and can let it be there for like 5 min. if u have time, so that it gets to the roots, also u can massage this mixture in ur hair for a few min, as per u like) i hope i explained the process pretty well good luck... may ur hair becomes very pretty
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