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Khatu Masale Udyog

Address :
Pioneer Eneterprises, Shop No 3, Jyotiba Phule Road, Naigaon, Dadar - 400014
Min. Order :
  Rs.  150.00
Description :
Khatu Masale, a Guhagar product, is high quality masale brand known for its typical Malvani taste.
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Most Helpful Reviews
  • 21 February 2015
    Mouth watering Khatu Malvani Masala  -  N.H.Manjrekar.Retd General Manager,MSFC
    After many rears got opportunity to have "walache Birde"at home of my sister from Guhagar Smt AAREKAR .Glad to know from her about the pro
    gress made by you dear Shaligram
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